WATCH: Carol Ofori reacts to a wife who videos her nanny and husband doing 'Dirty Dancing' moves

WATCH: Carol Ofori reacts to a wife who videos her nanny and husband doing 'Dirty Dancing' moves

A video showing a husband and the nanny engaging in the last scene from the movie, 'Dirty Dancing', receives some concern from online users...

WATCH: Wife videos nanny and husband do moves from 'Dirty Dancing' movie on TikTok
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There has always been a common misconception about nannies and husbands (and sometimes wives), where it has been stereotyped that there is an automatic attraction between nannies and the husband. Perhaps this is because of the socialisation of nannies being painted as "the forbidden fruit", being younger, attractive, and a tease. 

This is what we get from the media, whether that is in the form of a movie, a TV series created around the concept or a splash on the front page of a tabloid magazine reading: "Caught! Dipping into the nanny cookie jar!"  

Perhaps we are just going against what we always advise and being judgmental. In this case, but we beg to differ. We actually commend this wife, mother, and super cool woman who engaged on social media to break the cycle when it comes to the stereotype. 

Yes, there most likely have been several occasions where marriages have broken up because of adultery, but when it comes to being honest, and having some super open communication, we think that this couple take the lead. 

Carol Ofori shared that she was shook when she watched this video, because firstly the nanny and the husband were so comfortable in holding each other. *clears throat*

Check out the video for yourself (courtesy of TikTok):


The nanny-dad content no one asked for. @lizziinorton @f4ttyd4ddy ##SummerMashup ##fypシ ##thenanny

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People came in with some fire in the comments section of the video and this wife just reaffirmed her coolness with her response - as people were saying that the husband and the nanny are having an affair. 

"Only way someone encourages anyone to act like this with their husband is if they're desperately trying to prove to themself that nothing is going on..." said one TikTok user. 

The comments came in for this wife, but she handled it quite amicably by saying: "We're flattered by the interest guys. Most of you are out of your minds but we're flattered.

Carol ended off her feedback with a pow of a comment: 

One person said: "Sorry to say, if no one knew she was the nanny. No one would have anything negative to say, I see a happy family having a good time."

We couldn't have said it better! Why are we so quick to put another woman down, why do we use the sense of anonymity on social media as a weaponising source instead of an uplifting one. 

Tell us what you think about the video below...

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