#AndThatsAWrap: From karma to hacking your wi-fi router...

#AndThatsAWrap: From karma to hacking your wi-fi router

We take a look at this week's highlights from the Vic Naidoo Show...

#AndThatsAWrap: A 6k tip to canceling the word curry and a fundraising event for our fallen heroes
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The week started off on an informative note as we found out that Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder, is now the ambassador of a water brand and they created a skateboard that hosted his blood, yes, his blood in the artwork. 

One hundred skateboards were made and all were sold out almost immediately. Each went for R7,500 a pop. This brought creepiness to a whole new level...

Check out the video and the full article here

Then the information streak continued as we learnt that hackers are now attacking home wi-fi routers. This is a new one for us because we always associated being home with being secure. But that's no longer the case. 

More than that, it is advisable that home wi-fi routers be equipped with security features to prevent you from being hacked. We delved into some key information on how to stay protected, if you are not already. 

Check out some of the tips here

Then we took a look at how karma really can come at any time and that it's best you be good to others. A guy who thinks he's being a smarty pants decides to cut a driver off as he pulls out of his parking space. 

As he pulls out and zaps the driver, who has a dash camera, he ends up hitting the car in front of him and getting into a fender bender. Talk about instantaneous karma...

Check out the video and the full article here

Then we took a look at a woman who paid around R600 for a meal that didn't look very appetising or appealing, for that matter. She visited the illustrious and esteemed The Shard and ate at one of its six restaurants. 

She shared a pic of her meal on Twitter and many people came to the post to tell her it was a waste of her money. Some came back with pics of their meals during their visits.

Check out the pics and the full article here

Vic Naidoo shared a special on-air moment with Sunitha Harilal from Pietermaritzburg who shared a pic of something that is broken but she still keeps using. It was her food processor, which is literally being held together with duct tape. 

He surprised her with a call and gift from Luci Hirsch, who managed to get her a Philips food processor. Listen to the on-air moment below and the social media post from Facebook. 

This girlfriend is waiting for the perfect proposal... by making her boyfriend propose over and over again.

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