SEE: Would you pay R600 for a meal that looked like this?

SEE: Would you pay R600 for a meal that looked like this?

A woman shares a pic of a meal she had at the very prestigious skyscraper, The Shard, and people are shocked! 

SEE: Would you pay R600 for a meal that looked like this?

Do you have a bucket list? Is there a place or an experience that you have been wanting to have for the longest time? Well, we love aspirations. We love the idea of creating a list of places or things that you want to do, because traveling and exploration can grow you on so many different levels.

But what happens when you save up and you're all set to strike off one of those aspirations, and poof, the experience was absolutely nothing close to what you had expected. We assume you get disappointed...

The Shard is a skyscraper that stretches up 72-storeys in London and is said to show off scenic and picturesque views of the city. Check out a pic of it below...

According to Instagram, The Shard is the home to the UK’s highest viewing gallery, luxury hotel, and six world-class restaurants. The views are truly breathtaking, and we can see the appeal to visit and enjoy a meal at one of their classy restaurants. 

The woman who visited The Shard posted a pic of her meal, which cost around R600, but let's just say it didn't look like it was worth the amount she paid for it. 

Many tweeps agreed and came back with some strong viewpoints. One person said: "Bad presentation, that chef should be fired. But the portion looks right. If anything the sides seem quite generous. Gordon Ramsay would be pissed how that plate made the passing."

But life is all about savouring the good and letting go of the bad, so our suggestion would definitely be to let it go. At least you know you tried it out and for whatever reason it happened the way it did, so you can choose to try again or let it rest in peace. 

In this case, we suggest you lay it to rest and try something else next time...

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