WATCH: A proposal by onion ring leaves us in tears...

WATCH: A proposal by onion ring leaves us in tears...

A cute proposal on TikTok that has more than one ring...

WATCH: A blooming proposal by onion ring leaves us in tears...
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Proposals are a big thing, whether that means the planning process, the build up to the moment, and also the answer when you eventually pop the question - it's no easy task asking someone to marry you...

Especially with the added pressure of coming up with an original and super cute way of asking. Because we all know that story will be one that lasts and outlasts the marriage for generations to come. So when planning, it is vital to consider things like authenticity, creating ambience, and, of course, preparing for things down to the T. 

When we first saw this proposal we felt the love and the nervousness that this boyfriend was feeling. But he played it cool and calm and super smooth with how he got her to see the ring. 

We remember a colleague joking about proposing with an onion ring, and we think that as much as many would think it is corny, we think it's super cute. Many TikTokers felt the same about this proposal as they commented on the video. 

WATCH the proposal below (courtesy of TikTok):

Let’s just say, our love is BLOOMIN’ ##UltaBeautyatTarget ##TalkCurlyToMe

♬ original sound - Allie

One user said, "Okay but this is so cute and wholesome." What a beautiful word to use, and so fitting, when love comes together and in such a simple yet heartfelt way. 

Another user said, "It's the way he looked at you at the end for me..." 

Then when we looked closely, we found that this couple is full of humour when it comes to their proposal. It seems they already got engaged, and shared a video a while back where they joked about where to place the engagement ring, on her toe or her ring finger...

The video of their engagement, which seems to have taken place in Hawaii, is below (courtesy of TikTok):

Which is the correct placement? Only accepting ##1 tbh ##Engaged ##hawaii

♬ original sound - Meg B

They recently did another proposal video with the ring in between buns at an Asian restaurant.

Then it is revealed that she's putting him to the test to find the perfect proposal and only then will she say "yes". We're not sure if that is romantic or painful for the guy... Nevertheless, one person said that if they were to turn this into a series that they would definitely watch. Not a bad idea, actually...

Check it out below (courtesy of TikTok):

Let’s just say, our love is STEAMIN up 🌬##ArmaniMyWay ##proposal

♬ original sound - Allie

Which one did you prefer? 

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