#AndThatsAWrap: A boyfriend who publicly dissed his GF's cooking to a Durban actress going big

#AndThatsAWrap: A boyfriend who publicly dissed his GF's cooking to a Durban actress going big

We take a look at Vic Naidoo's highlights from the week that was...

#AndThatsAWrap: A 6k tip to canceling the word curry and a fundraising event for our fallen heroes
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We saw a video of a boyfriend who was open and honest about his girlfriend's cooking and while at first it seems harsh, after some digging, we find that she knew about how he really felt the whole time. 

It got people talking about their relationships online. The girlfriend, who was the one who posted the video, responded to the comments. Check out what really happened by clicking here

Then Vic Naidoo got surprised with a gift this week, but when he opened the box, it really wasn't what he expected it to be. Let's just say that it was a gift that was inspired by the shirt the President wore at the family meeting last Sunday evening. 

The video shows his genuine reaction to receiving the shirt. 

Check out the full story here

Then we all heard about the fact that Vic Naidoo is still fashioning a bar fridge in his home because he has a dream of owning his very own SMEG fridge. 

He recently shared this with Luci Hirsch when she came on-air to surprise a fan with a new food processor. Then we found out about the Sicily My Love range from SMEG, which has a fridge that is personalised and costs R1.3-million. 

See the fridge here

And then Vic Naidoo got to chat to our very own Durban actress, Katishcka Kiara, who is making waves in her international debut on Netflix, in the second season of 'Blood and Water'. 

He got to chat with her about how she got the role, what this means for her career, and more.

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