Vic Naidoo chats to Durban actress Katishcka Kiara about Netflix's 'Blood and Water'

Vic Naidoo chats to Durban actress Katishcka Kiara about Netflix's 'Blood and Water'

Vic Naidoo gets to chat to a Durban actress making heads turn in her appearance in the internationally-recognised second season of 'Blood and Water' on Netflix. 

LISTEN: Vic Naidoo chats to Durban actress, Katishcka Kiara about her role in Netflix 'Blood and Water'
Katishcka Kiara

Netflix hasn't just been a source of entertainment for us when it comes to what we consider chill time. It has also been a form of pride for many of us as South Africans. Many talented South Africans have had a chance to showcase their talents when it comes to working with Netflix. 

One of those South Africans is Katishcka Kiara, a Durban actress who will be appearing in Season 2 of the the hit South African original Netflix series, Blood & Water.

Season 2 has a host of new characters and actors. 

"We will also get to know Reece (played by Greteli Fincham) a little better in season two and will be introduced to two of her new friends, Pauline and Zayd, played by Katishcka Chanderlal and Alzavia Abrahams. We’ll watch these three get up to no good, and have a great time doing so but the question is, will they get caught out?" (Glamour)

She shares her journey in getting the role and also being the only Indian actress on the cast. We love that this series also takes into consideration what happens behind the scenes when it comes to teenagers. 

"I am also the only Indian actor in the main cast of the show which plays a very important part in contributing to the representation of Indian people on local and global platforms - it's vital to have the true diversity of South Africa represented and allow all our people to feel seen. And what better day to release Season 2 than Heritage Day!" (Katishcka Kiara)

WATCH the trailer for season 2 below (courtesy of YouTube):

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Image supplied by Katishcka Kiara 

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