Vic Naidoo, we've found you your SMEG Fridge, but it costs R1.3-million...

Vic Naidoo, we've found you your SMEG Fridge, but it costs R1.3-million...

Vic Naidoo has always had a dream of owning a SMEG fridge, but maybe not this particular one...

Vic Naidoo and his dream fridge

We love, love, love the idea of personalising your appliances. It isn't just about being trendy, though. It adds a sense of artistry to your home and heightens your personal style. So when we heard about this story, we knew that Vic Naidoo would be manifesting his dream SMEG fridge. 

After hearing him chat to Luci Hirsch during a surprise call for one of our ECR fans who had been using her food processor for a while, we knew his feelings on the brand.

Vic Naidoo's dream fridge

Vic Naidoo asked ECR fans recently what is broken in their homes yet they keep using anyway. Well, the response was amazing. It shows that we all can relate when it comes to using something until it's literally falling apart. Perhaps it's a South Africanism we need to talk about more?

After getting in touch with Luci Hirsch, who gifted our food processor fan Sunitha Hiralal with a new Philips processor, Vic mentioned to Luci that he still has a bar fridge at home because he has a dream of owning a SMEG fridge. 

Listen to their conversation below:

So not long after all of this happened, we heard about a stand-alone SMEG store opening in Cape Town. Fans can now go shopping for a range of appliances all in one store. But wait, it doesn't stop there...

"Now, fans of the brand can buy various appliances of different collections. One of these includes Dolce & Gabbana small appliances and an accompanying refrigerator range. The edition comes after Smeg teamed up with Dolce and Gabbana to produce a second collection entitled Sicily My Love. The Smeg appliances – including kettles, toasters, food mixers and pasta makers – have been used as a canvas for Sicilian art, with each appliance being crafted in celebration of the rich Italian heritage of both brands." (MSN)

Vic Naidoo and his dream fridge

The SMEG fridge that we would love for Vic Naidoo is part of the Sicily My Love collection and costs R1.3-million. How amazing would it be to have the whole collection though... Ah, the dream...

Margaret Hirsch, the executive director of the Hirsch's Homestore Group, said: "We plan to make our customers' shopping experience fun and exciting and will have regular cooking demonstrations instore. We look forward to welcoming the community to the store with a coffee brewed in, you guessed it, a wonderful SMEG coffee machine." (Business Insider)

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