#AndThatsAWrap: From birds attacking drones to spending your salary on a night out!

#AndThatsAWrap: From birds attacking drones to spending your salary on a night out!

Some of the highlights from Vic Naidoo's week...

#AndThatsAWrap: A 6k tip to canceling the word curry and a fundraising event for our fallen heroes
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There have been many advancements in technology since the pandemic, and many have been welcomed with open arms. Especially when it came to food deliveries. 

People still had their cravings and if the deliveries had to stop because of human to human contact being restricted, then there would be some unhappiness across the board. So when companies started using drones to deliver food, it was welcomed. 

Not so much by the birds, though. The drones are seen as threats, especially when baby birds are nearby, so birds can go into attack mode very quickly. That's what happened in this case when a customer noticed a raven attack his coffee delivery


Check it out below.

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Just as we bid farewell to Heritage Month, we hear about a story where landscapers in Fourways, Johannesburg destroyed a huge part of our heritage. 

They were instructed to prune down Acacia trees that were more than three decades old and invaluable in nature, but their value was around R600,000. 

Check out the full story here

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The best of the week had to be this story that was about a man who was cheating with a colleague and eventually left his family to live with his mistress...

His wife, who was still legally married to him, was pressed with the task of laying him to rest after he had a heart attack whilst with his mistress. You would never believe how she exacted her revenge...

Let's just say it had to do with his tombstone and making his affair very public and very permanent. 

Read the full story here

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