SEE: Landscapers in Gauteng cause damage to trees worth R600k

SEE: Landscapers in Gauteng cause damage to trees worth R600k

How much do you think a 30-year-old Acacia tree is valued at?

SEE: What could these landscapers have done that got them into trouble with the law over trees worth R600k
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This is something that is not often heard - being detained by the police for cutting down branches of a group of 30-year-old Acacia trees.

Besides the fact that September is the host of Arbour Month, many of our South African brands have become more conscientious when it comes to conserving our flora. Therefore, we are shocked that a company that is meant to preserve plant life did not take the significance of this month or the valuable nature of a group of trees in Fourways recently. 

Traditionally during Arbour Month, everyone is encouraged to plant a tree. It is both a sentimental act with its metaphoric meaning of planting a seed and watching it grow, and reaping what you sow; but more than that it helps us as humans and our environment. 

"Landscapers working for a big landscaping group have landed themselves in hot water after accepting a job to cut the branches of six acacia trees blocking billboards at a shopping centre. The trees are around 30 years old and are valued at R600,000 according to the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo." (Times Live)

During a routine site visit that was being conducted by Mmankwe Sebatjane, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo’s senior arboculturist, and Joseph Ndou, the regional manager, they were shocked to see landscaping employees allegedly pruning away at some trees. 

According to the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo officials, now more than ever our people need to be more informed as to why every tree matters. They also said that our man-made forests in the city are at risk. 

So the effects of climate change, the environmental torture of pollution and of our human irresponsibility is affecting even the tree that we pass daily on our way to work. These landscapers were just following instructions from their superiors and are now in trouble for hurting a piece of history. 

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