Aircraft forced to make emergency landing after cat attacks pilot

Aircraft forced to make emergency landing after cat attacks pilot

There have been many reasons why planes have had to make emergency landings – but we never thought one reason would include an out-of-control cat!


We thought we had heard it all until it was reported that a passenger plane reportedly had to make an emergency landing because an aggressive cat attacked one of the pilots after sneaking into the cockpit.

The aircraft was travelling to Doha in Qatar, but the pilot pulled a 180 and returned to the Sudanese capital city of Khartoum - where it took off, after a cat snuck onto the plane and became ‘aggressive and angry’.

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Sudanese newspaper Al-Sudani reports that the cat managed to dodge multiple restraint attempts and even attacked one of the pilots mid-flight. The paper adds that the Sudanese Tarco flight took off from Khartoum International Airport on 24 February and had been in the air for around 30 minutes when the incident took place.

As chaos ensued on board, the pilot made the decision to return back to the Sudanese airport where the cat was eventually caught.

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While insiders continue to investigate how the cat managed to get on board the aircraft, it’s been suggested that the cat could have climbed onboard during a cleaning or engineering check of the plane without anyone seeing. However, these theories have not yet been confirmed.

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The plane did, however, spend the previous night parked at a hangar at the airport. Thankfully, passengers were unharmed during the incident and eventually arrived safely at their destination.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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