Gross! Doctor warns those using old pillows of dust mites

Gross! Doctor warns those using old pillows of dust mites

Dr Karan Raj shared a video on TikTok urging people to change their pillows every two years because of how dust mites infest bedding.

Dr Raj

If you haven’t changed your pillow in a while, now would be the time to do so! In a shocking TikTok video, which has since gone viral, Dr Karan Raj gives viewers a run-down of how dust mites infest our pillows and that they should be washed and replaced regularly.

Dr Karan Raj has become a popular face on the social media app and has racked up millions of views thanks to his interesting content, where he shares everything from medical advice and facts, to sleep methods and some behind-the-scenes looks at his life as a doctor. However, a recent video he shared has the world talking!

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In a new video captioned, ‘You need to change your pillows at least every two years', the doctor explains that "The average person sheds about 4kg of skin every year. Most of that ends up on your bed or pillow - a feast for microscopic dust mites.”

He adds: "A single dust mite has about 20 droppings each day, multiple that by the hundreds of mites living on your pillow. A build-up of dust mite faeces can cause breathing and allergy-type symptoms."


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Shockingly, Dr Raj warns followers that if one spots either yellow and brown patches on a pillow while changing the sheets, it's usually a result of sweat and oil from your body building up over months or years of use. While the sweat and oil is natural, that moisture can breed mould or bacteria which could become a breeding ground for dust mites.

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The video has since been watched over 1.2-million times on the app and has thousands of comments. One user admits ignorance is bliss, saying: "I wish I didn't see this video." Another added: "My pillow is older than me." A third wrote: "Oh that's why it's hard to breathe."

Not sure when to replace your pillow? Dr Raj explains that you should fold your pillow in half and see if it springs back open. If it doesn't, it may be time to get a new one, because it is showing signs of wear and tear. Not only is the pillow a breeding ground for bacteria, it's also not keeping you supported and can damage your posture.

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