School expels kids after discovering mom’s OnlyFans account

School expels kids after discovering mom’s OnlyFans account

After discovering an alternative way one parent was making money, a school in California has expelled her three kids with immediate effect.

Crystal Jackson

These days, working from home has become somewhat of a norm and while the global economy is still incredibly unstable, many have looked at both alternate and unconventional ways to make extra cash. However, Crystal Jackson - or Mrs Poindexter as she is known to her online community - found herself in hot water after her children’s school discovered her OnlyFans account and expelled her three kids with immediate effect.

Interestingly, the mother has one of the most expensive OnlyFans subscriptions, charging users a staggering R2.2-million per month. When Sacred Heart Parish discovered her profile, Crystal explains that she received an e-mail notifying her of their expulsion with just 24 hours' notice.

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The 44-year-old actress admits that, shockingly, the kids would no longer be allowed back onto the premises - even to pick up their belongings.

"Your apparent quest for high profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students," the e-mail reportedly read. "We, therefore, require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours." The e-mail was signed off by principal Theresa Sparks.

Crystal explains that the drama started after a group of other parents at the school discovered her online profile. They alerted the school by starting a campaign to have her and her kids removed. Crystal adds that anonymous letters containing pictures of her content were sent into the school and the diocese in an attempt to expose her and build up a case to remove her from the school. 

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However, while Crystal may have to find another school for her kids, she admits that she won’t be putting a stop to her OnlyFans account and hopes to enrol her children in another Catholic school.

Interestingly, Crystal admits that the dads at the school knew about her x-rated profession way before the mothers at the school. "There were some dads that had found it, and they were just like, 'Hey, cool, I know who you are, you know who I am, I'm not gonna say anything,'” she tells LadBible. "But all of a sudden some dad who was just not following man code told his wife and then she just lost her s***, and she told another woman, and she told another woman, and it got into the hands of the main mean girl, and it was like - game on."

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Every cloud has a silver lining, however, as Crystal admits that since the story of her kids’ expulsion broke, she has earned around R1.4-million a day on the app. Not bad for a journey that started after she shared images of herself online in a bid to spice up her relationship with her husband!

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