WATCH: Aircraft engine explodes during flight

WATCH: Aircraft engine explodes during flight

This is the last thing you want to see when looking out of the window on a plane…

engine faliure Boeing 777

Yikes! Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight which took off from Denver International Airport on Saturday had a terrifying experience as one of the plane’s engines exploded and caught alight mid-flight.

It has been revealed that the Boeing 777’s engine suffered “catastrophic failure over Denver”, with debris from the engine explosion plummeting down and has reportedly been seen over Northern Colorado.

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The plane, which was en route to Hawaii when the explosion took place, was able to make an emergency landing safely with minimal damage and no loss of life.

While passengers on board United flight 328 were grateful for the pilot’s incredible landing skills, many thought that they were doomed. “I thought it was a bomb,” one passenger exclaimed, describing the moment the engine exploded.

Thankfully, the pilots issued a mayday call back to Denver International Airport and were able to turn around and land safely.

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While this is obviously a scary experience, reports from passengers indicated that everyone stayed relatively calm in the air, adding that with the help of the flight attendants and the response to the crisis by the pilots, passengers stayed in their seats, held hands, and prayed.

Watch the terrifying video here:

Image courtesy: YouTube

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