WATCH: Doctor explains why you taste blood when you exercise

WATCH: Doctor explains why you taste blood when you exercise

Ever go on a run and halfway through think "is this the end?"

Doctor explains blood taste while exercising

With summer coming up, some of us might be busy getting back into the #FitFam lifestyle and have started working on our summer bodies (hello #ECRSummerBodyBootcamp).

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That means while easing back into a healthier lifestyle might lead to some sore muscles, other aches and pains, and wheezing.

It could also lead to the taste of blood in your mouth.

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And just in case you thought this might just be happening to you, we're here to tell you that you're not alone!

We are also here to introduce you to TikToker @lifeofadoctor, real name Fayez, who is an emergency physician in Miami.

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Fayez has taken it upon himself to educate the masses and regularly answers curious users' questions, replies to medical type videos, and explains interesting medical things like tasting blood.

In this video, Fayez replied to another TikToker's post where she claims she is so 'unfit' she tastes blood while on her run.

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And nothing could have prepared us for the explanation that the good doctor gave us:


Ever tasted blood while running? ##explained

♬ original sound - LifeOfADoctor

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Um, disturbing much?!

Maybe we would have been better off never knowing what the cause was.

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Here are a few other golden nuggets Fayez has shared:

Why you like the left side of your face more:


Also why historically 60% of portraits are painted of the left side #symmetry #beauty

♬ original sound - NYC.Treyvonnnn🤬

How to get rid of hickeys:


Do’s and Don’t of a hickey ##doctorsoftiktok

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When you think you're having a heart attack:


Stabbing chest pain is not always your heart

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