WATCH: Stacey and J Sbu try mayo in their coffee - did we take it too far?

WATCH: Stacey and J Sbu try mayo in their coffee - did we take it too far?

Looking to replace Cremora with a tastier option? Then we might have the solution for you...

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Popular mayonnaise brand Hellmann's recently woke up and chose violence.

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Without any context and completely unprompted the company decided to tweet the following:

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Must have been a typo, right? Or maybe the social media manager forgot to log into their own personal account?

Apparently not. They are being completely serious. As Twitter users started to react to the tweet, Hellmann's doubled down on their mayo-coffee opinion:

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The response to this "recipe" was pretty one-sided, with everyone deciding that this is a disgusting suggestion and it should never be done.

Naturally, that meant Stacey and J Sbu had to try it for themselves.

Watch the video below to see what their reaction was:

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Here are some of our other favourite reactions to this "recipe":

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