Justin Bieber makes a big change after being accused of cultural appropriation

Justin Bieber makes a big change after being accused of cultural appropriation

Seems like the antidote for Bieber-fever was his own luscious locks.

JB Hair appropriation
Justin Bieber Official Instagram

The evolution of the world's biggest popstar has been something to behold.

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From the minute he broke onto the scene, fans, media, and even fellow celebs have been obsessed with Justin Bieber's hair.

There have been very few hairstyles that have captured the attention of so many over the decades.

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Sure, there was the Rachel (thanks to Jennifer Aniston's 'Friends' character) and Tina Turner's hair almost has a personality of its own, but very few stars have had people this invested in their hair journey throughout the years.

True and loyal Beliebers will tell you that every JB era can be identified by which hairstyle he was rocking then.



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His latest style has been the most controversial thus far.

About a month ago, Justin debuted a new style while he and his wife Hailey were on vacation.

While the two were relaxing, Justin, who had been sporting quite longish hair at the time, decided that he wanted to change it up and did so by styling his hair in dreadlocks.

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This is not the first time Bieber has worn his hair in dreads. The first time was in 2016 and he had also received backlash for it back then!

This time he also seemed unfazed by the constant flood of comments begging and asking him to get rid of the dreads. 

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For more than a month, Justin was posting lots of pictures of him still wearing his dreadlocks and even showing it off in a few pictures, showing no signs of getting rid of them.

However, on every single picture, you can find comments of people asking him to remove them.

Justin Bieber hair comments
Justin Bieber Official Instagram

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Many were also confused as to how he could have thought that dreading his hair would be okay, especially after he made quite a big promise on Instagram just last year.

He has shared a post in which he spoke about the influence black culture has had on him and how he is going to educate himself more while using his platform to speak up and out about systemic oppression and racial injustice.

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Bieber has not addressed the backlash over his choice of hairstyle, but all of a sudden he has debuted another drastic new look.

Fans have made the assumption that he might have realised the error of his ways and that's why he has now shaven his entire head and is rocking a fresh buzzcut:

At this point, it is almost a much bigger shock that after so many celebrities, influencers, public figures, etc. have been cancelled for behaviour or looks that are similar to this, some of them still think they can get away with it...

But let's be honest - will the world ever be able to cancel Justin Bieber?

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Main image courtesy of Justin Bieber Official Instagram

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