Stacey thinks it is time we ditch those 'life timelines'

Stacey thinks it is time we ditch those 'life timelines'

Something has been on Stacey Norman's mind. Consider this a public service announcement! 

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Ever been in an interview and had to answer that dreaded question about your five-year plan?

My absolute worst! 

Like, uhm, "Hi sir/ madam, my five-year plan is to nail this interview and secure this job. I am not even sure what I am having for lunch."

This is the thought that is always in my head before I blatantly lie about a well orchestrated five-year plan that has been in the works for what seems all of my adult life. 

This is just an example of the society we live in. Do not get me wrong, I am a goal setter, I set them and nine out of ten times, I smash them! 

However, I am not that person who beats herself up when she reaches a certain age and looks back at her diary to see if she is where she should be at that particular age. 

I have friends whom have their life so planned that next to age 34 they have: 'Start a family with your husband'. 

The pressure of our measure of success associated to our age must end! 

Unfortunately, life happens, circumstances change and things do not go according to your 'plan' all the time. Give yourself some grace! 

My co-host just yesterday celebrated his 29th birthday and when I asked him how he felt to be a year older, he immediately said he was disappointed as to where he thought he would be at this age when he was younger. 

I, obviously, shut down that kind of talk swiftly. 

I thought it would be great to find out what you would think of this conversation on the show, so J Sbu and I took it to the airwaves. 

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