WATCH: Man twists his head 180 an owl!

WATCH: Man twists his head 180 an owl!

This video has definitely got our head spinning!

Owl head twist

The human body is a fascinating thing.

There is so much it can do and although science has been able to justify and explain a lot, much of it still remains a mystery.

While some of the intricate details of bodily functions still remain secret most of us do know this - our necks can only move in certain ways.

Owls can rotate their necks 270 degrees but humans have a range of 60 - 80 degrees.

Which is more than enough, right? You can easily look both ways when crossing the street and you don't need anything more than that.

Unless your this guy.

TikTok user @sheaabutt00 recently posted a video on the app that has freaked out every person who has come across it.

The caption might say "Party trick" but we have never seen anything like this. Another important note is to definitely, under no circumstances try this at home!

In the video, the man is seen placing one hand on his chin, while the other grabs behind his head and slowly he starts twisting his head like a top.

After completing a 180-degree turn, his head slowly starts turning back to its original position and soon enough it's back in its place.

What kind of sorcery is this? 

Don't believe us? Watch the video for yourself:


party trick! #duet if you can do this

♬ Original sound - Sheabutt

What you just watched was not an illusion!

All we have to say is it's a big no from us.


Dr Simran Deo, an online doctor at Zava, told LADBible that there are very few people in the world who can do this, which we feel is quite obvious.

They can do it safely due to 'hypermobile joints or connective tissue disorders' and warned that not anyone should try this as it could lead to a stroke or paralysis.

That seems like all the info we need.

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Main image courtesy of @sheaabutt00/TikTok

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