Stacey and J Sbu: Started from the bottom now they're here

Stacey and J Sbu: Started from the bottom now they're here

Your favourite dynamic duo recently celebrated their one-year anniversary! But the journey to becoming the best Drive team in the country hasn't been easy...

Stacey and J Sbu Radio Journey
Stacey and J Sbu

Everyone has to start somewhere.

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No matter what industry you are working in, you can't just walk in and be the boss. It takes years of experience and hard work to make your way from an entry-level position to manager, senior executive, any top spot in your field, and beyond.

Radio wasn't always on the cards for Stacey and J Sbu, but now they can't imagine doing anything else!

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In celebration of the last year they have spent together on the airwaves, accompanying you on your drive home, they are looking back on the years in radio that led them to this moment.

Stacey Radio journey
East Coast Radio

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Stacey's Start: Growing up on-air

Giving you a lowdown of my whole radio career in under two minutes? Of course, the challenge has been accepted and the goal has been achieved.

Although I wasn't always a Drive diva and I too had to start somewhere.

So let me take you back to my high school days. I was living in Cape Town, it was the month of June and I was part of a special Youth Day campaign that a local radio station was running.

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Little did I know that those few weeks of training and educational behind-the-scenes experience in radio would lead to a life-changing call one year later.

This is my radio story:

J Sbu Radio
East Coast Radio

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J Sbu's Journey: From rejected to accepted

My first memories of radio are from when I was a young boy and I look back on them fondly.

Every Sunday my father would pull out these two HUGE speakers and he would blast MetroFM.

In 2013, while I was chasing that diploma and focusing on my studies, I came to the realisation that I wanted to do something in radio.

An opportunity presented itself when a radio station decided they were looking for their next radio star through a talent search competition. 

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The auditions started at 9am Saturday morning and ended at 2am Sunday morning and I was there the entire time.

Would I get the gig? Was this the moment everything would fall into place and I would kickstart the career I've always dreamed of?

This is my radio story:

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These are the stories of our beginnings but we are nowhere near the end.

Sure we've had some side hustles along the way and we might occasionally dip our toes into television presenting, music, whatever else there may be.

One thing we know for sure - radio will always be our first true love.

Hopefully, you don't mind us blessing your airwaves for another few years.

Stacey radio days
East Coast Radio
J Sbu Radio journey
East Coast Radio

Want to catch up on all your favourite duo's best moments? Listen to everything #StaceyAndJSbu below:

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