WATCH: AKA shares throwback video of his late fiancée Anele Tembe

WATCH: AKA shares throwback video of his late fiancée Anele Tembe

It's been seven months since the tragic news of Nellie's death sent shockwaves across South Africa.

Aka and nellie

Grief is a horrible process we as human beings have to go through in order to heal.

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As much as it's necessary to go through this hurt and deal with these feelings (in a healthy way), the pain can be immense.

It's never going to be fun, but it will get better.


Unfortunately, this year saw the death of Anele Tembe, who just weeks before the tragic accident said yes to AKA when he proposed.

It seemed like the couple were living their best lives and were happier than ever but soon after her untimely passing, the rumour mill started churning and some other serious accusations were made.

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AKA understandably took some time for himself but eventually, he made his return to social media and even music.

He has also publically addressed the allegations made against him and spoken about how the loss of Nellie has affected him.

Most recently he took to Instagram to share a simple, yet deep and obviously very meaningful post of him and Nellie.

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The video he shared had no caption but featured the two of them spending some quality time together while having a little dance.

Watch the video below:

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Usually, this time of the year can be tough for those who have had to say a final goodbye to family members and friends.

This is a sweet reminder that although we might lose loved ones, their memories will always live on and we should remember to cherish that.

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