"I just found out my father is cheating on my mom and I do not know what to do"- KZN listener

"I just found out my father is cheating on my mom and I do not know what to do"- KZN listener

Financial issues and infidelity rank as the main reasons that marriages end in divorce. 

The Fixer

The end of a marriage is known to have devastating effects not only on the two individuals but also the family, particularly when there are children involved. 

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Stacey and J Sbu this week hear from Michelle*, a late teen who has made a shocking discovery on her dad's laptop. Michelle decided to reach out to Stacey and J Sbu through a popular feature on their show known as #TheFixer. 

#TheFixer is a feature on Stacey and J Sbu's show in which the duo gives KZN listeners an opportunity to share their dilemmas that they seek advice on. Together with the help of fellow KZN listeners, Stacey and J Sbu try to help the concerned party fix their problem.

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Early last week, Michelle was having laptop issues and so she asked her dad if she could use his phone while she was at home to just check her emails. Her father did not even bat an eyelid and told her to go to his study to use it. 

Michelle logged into what she had believed was her Gmail account only to realise within five minutes that she had logged into her dad's email account. As she was about to log out of her dad's email and into hers, an email came through.

Michelle froze. 

According to her, the email which had the subject line of, 'My Love', was from an unknown woman that was clearly not her mother. A million thoughts flashed before Michelle's mind. 

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Listen as she shares her story in her own words in the podcast below: 

After making this unwanted discovery, Michelle opened the email that happened to be an email thread between her dad and this unknown woman. 

It was evident that her father was having an affair with this woman. 

A tearful Michelle put her dad's laptop away and locked herself up in her room as she pondered what her next move would be. Their family were planning an anniversary weekend away to celebrate her parents' 24th wedding anniversary. 

Michelle now sits in the unenviable position of not knowing what to do. Should she confront her father with her discovery or take her mom into confidence with the truth...

Where should Michelle's loyalties lie? 

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*Michelle- is not the listeners real name, it is an alias to protect the identity of the listener. 

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