"My baby daddy's family deliberately ignore me but want a relationship with my daughter"

"My baby daddy's family deliberately ignore me but want a relationship with my daughter"

The birth of a child is not only often seen as a blessing but also as a precious gift that can bring together families. 

Mother and baby #TheFixer

This week, Stacey and J Sbu hear from a listener who is a mom to a beautiful one-year-old daughter whom she shares with her former boyfriend. 

Fortunately, for Nokuthula, she and her ex have a great co-parenting relationship. 

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The two broke up six months after the birth of their baby girl but both agreed that the end of their romantic relationship would not affect their roles as parents. A hurtful development with the family of her ex seems to be now causing tension and casting a change in what has been a respectful and mature relationship. 

Stacey and J Sbu feature her story as this week's edition of #TheFixer. 

#TheFixer is a feature on Stacey and J Sbu's show in which the duo gives KZN listeners an opportunity to share their dilemmas that they seek advice on. Together with the help of fellow KZN listeners, Stacey and J Sbu try to help the concerned party fix their problem.

The tension and conflict seems to be caused by her ex's mother and sister. Listen as Nokuthula shares her story in her own words below: 

Nokuthula shares how her ex's mother deliberately ignores her when she comes over to bring her daughter to see and spend time with her. Worse, as noted by Nokuthula, her daughter's grandmother takes her daughter away from her to play with her in a secluded area when she is visiting.

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As a mom who is still breastfeeding, Nokuthula has to come along to visits to gran which leave her very hurt, as no matter how hard she tries, her baby daddy's mother does not even acknowledge her.

The situation has become so intense that Nokuthula no longer feels like she should have to bring her child around to her grandmother.

Nokuthula's ex has tried to speak to his mother, to not much success.

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