Police called out to fight between roommates because of "loud noise"

Police called out to fight between roommates because of "loud noise"

This is not your average neighbourly noise complaint.

Roommates fight because of chewing noises police

Since the COVID-19 pandemic put us into lockdown, we all have had to learn how to become the perfect roommate very quickly.

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It doesn't matter if you're living with your best friend forever, soulmate or favourite family member, nobody is supposed to spend THIS much time together.

The living situation was bound to test a few bonds, make people uncomfortable, and, eventually, lead to some kind of confrontation.

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Even if you love your roommate/housemate to the moon and back.

And while police often get called out to strange and sometimes even comical situations, this fight between co-habitants was a first.

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Inspector Darren Taylor regularly keeps his Twitter followers updated with police news around Mid Sussex, England.

Recently he Tweeted that they were called out to quite a tense situation.

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A fight had broken out between two people sharing accommodation and the police had to step in to help calm the situation.

This might seem like any normal altercation, but wait until you hear what they were fighting about:

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We told you - roommates in lockdown are a ticking time bomb.

While we're happy to hear there was no physical fight and they weren't looking to press charges, there is a very real condition that could have led to this fight.

It's called Misophonia.

And here you might have thought it was just an overreaction.

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