WATCH: Woman shares story of #WorstDateEver that will leave you horrified

WATCH: Woman shares story of #WorstDateEver that will leave you horrified

This was not the start of happily ever after...

Katelyn Guild worst first date story tiktok

The search for 'The One' can be terrifying.

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Trying to navigate the minefields on dating apps, dealing with heartbreak and of course, the first date.

First dates are just as exciting as they are scary.

What if you like them, you leave thinking you've hit it off but they actually never want to see you again?

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Or worse - something embarrassing happens?!

It can all go very wrong or very right. And you'll never know until you try it.

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So like many of our fellow single friends, we all have at least one #WorstDateEver story.

Just like Katelyn Guild who went on a first date so horrifying she had to tell her TikTok followers about it immediately while opening a bottle of Jack Daniels.

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(Not necessarily the best coping mechanism but to each their own and who are we to judge.)

Katelyn decided to share her storytime after this first date went wrong in every possible way.

And yes, it is as bad as you think.

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Her date, who we assume she met on a dating app, mentioned everything from her being a possible catfish, to politics, there was fat-shaming and so much more!

He even sent her an awful text after the date that only confirmed her opinion of the evening as well.

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Watch the video below


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What kind of person sends their date a text saying that it had been the #WorstDateEver?

Just let them know that you don't think you should see each other again or ghost them like a normal person!

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Don't worry Katelyn, we all know you deserve better.

And hopefully, your next first date will be your #LastFirstDateEver.

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