"I give my guests the cheap coffee and I drink the fancy coffee" - KZN listener

"I give my guests the cheap coffee and I drink the fancy coffee" - KZN listener

Move your feet, lose your seat... if you dare!

Special places in our homes
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There are a lot of things that we as human beings do without even consciously thinking about it.

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From certain reflexes to actual behaviours that we learn from others or that we pick up through just being around the person long enough, there are all these acts that researchers and scientists have been trying to study for years.

But it's not always that easy since we can't just answer a bunch of questions about these things we are not consciously aware of.

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Something that researchers and scientists have discovered in recent years is that people have a favourite spot in the house. It might be a specific seat at the dinner table or area on the couch like Sheldon from 'The Big Bang Theory'.


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Not everyone might feel as strongly about their spot on the couch as Sheldon does but the study, which had 2,000 willing participants, did reveal that 66% of people have what they call "unofficial assigned seating" in their homes.

Just as you might have a certain spot in class where you always sit, the same goes for your home and even work.

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The study also found that 55% of the respondents said they would feel uncomfortable getting comfy anywhere that is not their assigned seat and only 25% said they would physically remove the person from their seat.

Even though we all like to poke fun at a character like Sheldon, it turns out we are not that different from him.

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According to SWNS Digital, here are a few facts about the relationship between a human and 'their spot':

  • Two-thirds of Americans are obsessed with keeping their “spot” on the sofa.
  • 68% of people describe themselves as “passionate” about their spot, whether it’s on the couch, at the kitchen table or somewhere else.
  • Folks are so territorial about their spot that it causes arguments with their family twice a month.
  • If someone was in their spot, 25% of people say they would claim it as their own and politely ask the person to move.
  • As for why they love their spot so much, 63% say it’s because they associate it with certain positive memories.

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Stacey also has her own mugs that no one else is allowed to use, but she does stress that she lives alone so it's not like she has to share all her things. 

But does J Sbu also have these same thoughts and behavioural patterns?

J Sbu not only has a sweet spot that is his and only his, but he also has a very special cup.

Take a listen as KZN joined in on the conversation:

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