#BestOfMay: KZN's youngest speedster receives his first fine

#BestOfMay: KZN's youngest speedster receives his first fine

A picture is worth a thousand words and we just had to find out what is happening in this one!

One-year-old speedster
Lamees Hanif/Facebook

Take a listen as Ziyad's mom, Lamees Hanif, explained exactly what happened before the picture was taken:

There are few things that can strike such fear into the heart of the bravest men and women than being pulled over by a traffic cop.

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Your hands start to sweat, you run various scenarios through your head thinking, "What have I done?! Was I going the speed limit?", and you might even break into a cold sweat.

Even though he isn't even the legal driving age yet, little Ziyad also felt the fear when he had his very first run-in with a traffic cop at Durban North beach a few weeks ago.

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Ziyad's mother, Lamees, shared with us that he had just turned one on the 18th of April and for his birthday he got the coolest set of wheels.

Since he had this new and exciting convertible, his parents decided to take him out so he could go for a spin.

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Little did they know that things would be taking a very nerve-wracking turn.

Lamees said that they headed out and while there, they noticed a policeman was also hanging around the area, checking for unlicensed vehicles and expired discs.

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The policeman approached Ziyad and jokingly asked the one-year-old for his licence and registration.

Ziyad might still be a tiny boy but his reaction to the confrontation was exactly what any of us would have done. According to his mother, Ziyad had the cutest look on his face before standing up and running away!

Luckily, Ziyad and the policeman were able to work things out and he was able to continue cruising.

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His mother also said that he is a sweet, smart boy with a great sense of humour, so this hilarious moment did not come as much of a shock.

Hopefully, Ziyad will always remain a responsible driver, especially when he's older and has his actual licence!

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Main image courtesy of Lamees Hanif/Facebook

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