Pain in the butt: woman's jean shorts almost killed her

Pain in the butt: woman's jean shorts almost killed her

Whoever said "beauty is pain" must have known something like this would happen...

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If you were to think of life-threatening pieces of clothing that could severely injure you, jean short-shorts might not be at the top of your list.

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A brooch with a sharp point, a pair of sky-high stilettos or a tight scarf are all very obvious options for the top of that list.

But an unassuming pair of shorts would have never sent warning bells ringing in our minds.

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According to Sam, a 25-year-old, from North Carolina, USA, these summer staples should come with a disclaimer.

Three years ago Sam ended up in the ICU and was fighting for her life all because of a pair of high-cut short jean pants.

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She suffered from a wedgie so intense that she ended up in the ICU with cellulitis, which is a painful skin infection and sepsis - a life-threatening response the body has to infection.

According to Buzzfeed, Sam was innocently enjoying a day-date with a guy, who she had only started seeing very recently. She realised she was wearing quite uncomfortable clothing but chose to ignore her comfort level and go with it.

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Watch the videos below to find out what happened next:


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She also explains how her then boyfriend came to visit her and met her parents for the first time:


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Luckily Sam escaped fairly unscathed and was able to make a full recovery!

But thanks to her everyone has learnt a very important lesson - tight short-shorts are out for this summer.

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