WATCH: Quick on her feet student captures thief trying to steal her car

WATCH: Quick on her feet student captures thief trying to steal her car

Time was running out and the thief was about to take her car when she hatched a plan.

Women stops thief from stealing her car with quick thinking
Rebecca Cheuk/Facebook

Living in South Africa, you've probably experienced your fair share of criminal activity.

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Being a victim of crime can be quite traumatising and if you find yourself in such a situation, it all tends to happen so quickly, you might not have a fair chance to defend yourself or you go into shock.

That could have been the case for Rebecca Cheuk, but luckily her survival instinct kicked in and she decided that she would not be saying goodbye to her car on this day.

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She had become suspicious of possible activity outside of her house when her dogs started barking after she had heard a male voice outside of her home.

Turns out she was not wrong to be suspicious.

When she looked out of her window to see what was happening, she saw that a stranger had made himself comfortable in her car!

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Naturally, she called the police to the scene but she had to make sure this man could not escape so she came up with a quick plan right there and then.

Before the uninvited guest could head anywhere, she locked him inside the car.

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She continuously kept relocking the car every time he tried to get out until it seems like he surrendered and accepted his fate.

Eventually, the police arrived and the situation was taken care of after the man was arrested and put in handcuffs.

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Rebecca filmed the whole thing on her phone from the safety of her room and posted the footage on Facebook where she warned others to be on the look-out.

Not only did Rebecca manage to keep her very expensive car, thanks to her efforts, but she also provided car owners with a valuable tip for when someone wants to steal your vehicle,

Thanks, Rebecca!

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