"My boyfriend is attending a wedding without me as his plus one" - Tumi, KZN listener

"My boyfriend is attending a wedding without me as his plus one" - Tumi, KZN listener

The only couple that should be stressed out during the wedding is the one tying the knot!

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Couples can go through a lot leading up to a wedding.

Sure, your day might have gone perfectly and without a hitch but that's not always the case.

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There might be a cold-footed groom or a bad weather day that could lead to a bad hair day, which is definitely not what any bride wants.

But for the guests, the day is much more chill.

They can eat, drink, and be merry. For them, it's basically just one big party.

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As it turns out, there might be some guests that experience wedding-induced stress and strain on their relationship during this time.

If you are used to going everywhere, or nearly everywhere with your partner, the idea of spending time apart is not optimal.

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A listener has found herself in a dilemma and she is feeling some kind of way about it.

She doesn't know if she's the only one who feels this way and she's looking for someone to either tell her they agree or she's acting crazy.

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Here's the story:

Her boyfriend was invited to a three-day wedding extravaganza. Fun! She was looking forward to attending this event with her partner.

That was until he broke the news that not only is she not invited to the wedding, but he was fine with it. As it turns out, guests are not allowed to bring a plus one because the couple (who are getting married) are trying to save on costs and don't want to spend too much.

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The point is: he is going to this wedding and doesn't seem to care that she won't be going along.

And she's furious.

Is she the one in the wrong? Should she not be bothered? Or is her anger totally justified?

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Stacey and J Sbu wanted to discuss this seeing as they have a very special team member's wedding coming up, our very own sports presenter Nick Tatham!

Now when invitations originally started going out and they received theirs, they were very excited and they still are, but now there has been a new development.

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Someone's relationship status has changed and they have to ask Nick if they can bring along their new boo when originally there was going to be a different plus one...

Will Nick, and more importantly his wife-to-be, say yes?

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