Mom in shock after teacher leaves confusing note in son's lunchbox

Mom in shock after teacher leaves confusing note in son's lunchbox

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This mother of two is baffled over a note that was received from a teacher regarding her son's lunchbox. 

This mom took to social media to share an image of the contents of the lunchbox, which contained sliced cucumber, yoghurt, sultans, almonds, and a ham and cheese sandwich. 

Have a look below:

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Upon first inspection, this looks like a regular, healthy lunch. 

However, according to the teacher, the quantity was an issue. 

The teacher of her child allegedly shared a note stating that the quantity was too much and it wasn’t a snack as requested for a 10 minute lunch. 


Jenna, the mother, stated: “Can someone enlighten me as to why teachers think it’s too much for a snake if he even eats at all?” 

Parents have started the conversation and many users haven’t seen quantity as an issue at all. 

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The note was sent home as a 'gentle reminder' to pack 'snacks not lunches', but with a busy schedule and still developing eating habits, it's good if kids eat at school at all.

It was gathered that perhaps her kid took longer to finish his meal and that could be the issue.

'I'm thinking he probably takes longer than the other kids to eat. It's messing up [the teacher's] schedule,' one person wrote.

'They have a policy of not taking food away from kids who are still eating so he's holding up class,' another parent added.  

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Essentially, kids are rarely ever going to finish their lunches, no matter what we pack them. 

Instead of limiting how much or what they eat, perhaps we should consider the rules that are put in place and inspire/educate parents to pack the most suitable lunches.

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