READ: KZN learners suspended after participating in viral TikTok challenge

READ: KZN learners suspended after participating in viral TikTok challenge

The dance that cost these kids their schooling career and had the police on standby

Kids suspended from school

It’s very common to hear that TikTok challenges get taken a little too seriously when students start participating in them at school. 

They can almost always go very wrong. 


Durban metro police were on high alert this week when, you guessed it, a TikTok challenge turned dangerous. 

This TikTok trend went viral with the #SchoolBagChallenge where students brought other objects in place of their school bag. 

These objects initially included things such as trolleys, shopping bags, cooler boxes etc. 

However, after a lot of hype, the items got a little more extreme. 

Kids suspended for tiktok kzn
. KZN VIP Protection Services/ Facebook

The kids were challenged to dance on school property during their lunch breaks and used the Amapiano song, 'Umlando' (which means 'history' in English) by artists TOSS, 9umba, and Mdoovar.

However, since Friday, pupils at some schools have taken the challenge to an extreme level on the streets of Chatsworth, Phoenix, Newlands West, Reservoir Hills, Verulam, and Pietermaritzburg. 

The kids blocked off roads and clamoured around cars and taxis while being captured on social media for this viral craze. 

Many residents were caught up in the mayhem and were unimpressed to say the least. 


One resident has said: “What is happening is unacceptable. This was not a dance challenge but hooliganism. I have reported the incident to the school and was told they would take action.”

Many of the school principals have taken disciplinary action due to being inundated with complaints, charges, and concerns with the actions of the kids.

As a result, many learners have since been suspended from school during this uncertain time. 

More updates to follow.

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