#GrowingUp: Things you thought were normal growing up that you later learnt were not...

#GrowingUp: Things you thought were normal growing up that you later learnt were not?

Modern families or just straight up weird?

Growing up Stacey and J Sbu
Stacey and J Sbu

Growing up, parents tend to shelter kids from certain things. 

For some, it's a casual thing that we look back on now and it's quite funny, but for others, it runs deeper.

Let's dive into the crazy family norms that many of us had...

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We had to ask our Drive team what their take on the topic is...

Stacey shared with us that for her whole childhood she thought it was normal to eat in front of the TV as opposed to at a dinner table.

She also thought it was very normal to eat on a tray and her lap rather than a table. 

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Staying in line with the food theme, J Sbu remained consistent with Stacey and told us that his #GrowingUp dilemma was also with food.

For the longest time, he thought that it was nothing out of the ordinary when he would eat cornflakes for dinner. 

He remembers one distinct moment when he and his friend were chatting about things to eat for dinner. Briyani, curry, chicken, and other "normal" delicacies were mentioned. 

To everyone's surprise, J Sbu mentioned corn flakes and milk. To say the least, they were shook and J Sbu got a reality check.

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KZN listener Brandon, gave us an interesting take on the subject matter involving his nephew: 


In order to find that we are not the only one's with these weird circumstances, we decided to ask our audience.

We took to Facebook to ask our listeners what their take on weird things that they thought were normal back in the day that aren't actually normal now.

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Many of the responses had us in stitches, but some hit hard as well.

Some notable responses were as follows:

  • Don't laugh .... ironing your school socks.
  • Being forced to eat food that you don't like.
  • That the wife is responsible for the cooking, cleaning, and kids, yet still has to have a job that brings money home.
  • Adding sugar to coke.
  • Every family had dinner at 8pm while watching 'Generations'.


What did you think was normal #GrowingUp that you learnt really wasn't? 

Let us know in the Facebook post above.

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