Police officer goes viral after thrusting while moving police van

Police officer goes viral after thrusting while moving police van

Someone call the cops cause he's 'fine'

Police thrust
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The internet is in awe at this mesmerising video of an esteemed policeman going at it when he has to "thrust" a police van up a hill.

Click here to watch this viral sensation.

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This hilarious moment has us hip-notised.

Donna Ball said she couln't resist filming the scene in Solihull on March 3.

This famous move coined by Marvin Gaye "Let's get it on" is attempted in this video as the policeman shifts the van up the hill.

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This video clip that caught the policeman in 4K, has been viewed thousands of times.

Donna stated:" I'm not gonna lie the hip action here is rather mesmerising, especially with the sound on."

Ms Ball said she had couldn't stop herself whipping out her camera as she left a local church hall. She described the scene as a "delight".

Several other users have also shared their view on social media as well as the police force themselves in the post above.

The fans have been going wild and everyone is loving it.

One of the Officers joked: "One of our officers has had a slight 'mishap' moving the van this afternoon and will now have to face the consequences! Looking like breakfast sandwiches for the team I think."

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The police later confirmed the series of events involving a crash that led to this moment.

Although it is still unclear exactly how the van got "stuck in the mud", we are so grateful Donna was ready to capture this golden moment.

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