Interviewer apologises for expensive blunder during Adele interview

Interviewer apologises for expensive blunder during Adele interview

'Rumour Has It' this man is wishing he was 'Rolling In The Deep'.

Interviewer reveals moment he embarrassed himself with Adele and insulted her
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Some interviews are incredible to watch but even people like Trevor Noah, Graham Norton and Ellen DeGeneres make mistakes every now and then.

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Granted they might have had many more blunders at the start of their careers as opposed to now, all interviewers are human beings who occasionally mess up and get things wrong.

However, there are mistakes that hold larger consequences than others.

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Take journalist Matt Doran who royally ruined an exclusive interview with Adele to celebrate the launch of her new album, '30'.

An interview that reportedly cost the Australian channel, Channel 7, $1 million (around R15,7 million) to record.

Unfortunately, this interview will now never see the light of day.

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Journalist Matt Doran was sent to London on the important mission to sit down with singer Adele and get the inside scoop on the most anticipated album of the year.

The Daily Telegraph reported that at one point during the interview Adele straight up asked Doran whether or not he had listened to the album yet because it seemed like he did not know too much about the new music.

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He had to come clean.

Matt had in fact not yet listened to Adele's new album.

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Reports surfaced that Adele was so offended that she asked the question in the middle of the conversation and then left. While others say she did leave after she had asked the question because it was the end of the interview.

Finally, Matt decided to come clean and try to clear his name:

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He does admit though that he was absolutely 'mortified and unequivocally apologetic' seeing as the interview was a whole nine minutes, which is almost unheard of with celebrity interviews.

Doran was even suspended for two weeks in order to learn the error of his ways.

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Luckily, it's not like he 'Set Fire To The Rain' so his career should be just fine.

Just to prove that Matt definitely is the first, or the last, interviewer to mess up a high profile interview, here's the most cringe video you'll see today:


Also, speaking of Adele, did you watch this video of her catches us in our feels... AGAIN?! 

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