WATCH: This proposal was so special it even made Adele cry

WATCH: This proposal was so special it even made Adele cry

You have to watch until the end to see if she said 'yes'...

WATCH: One of the best proposals we have ever seen, a real tear-jerker...Even Adele cried!
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Love really does make the world go around - not just money. Without love, what is there in this world? We have to say we truly believe that love is something that cannot be beaten, most especially when it is true love. 

This proposal got all of us in the feels, not just because Adele was there, but more so because this couple's reactions to each other was so real and absolutely organic. We truly loved every bit of it and we wanted it to be part of our Thankful Tuesday post. 

Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life, we can become consumed into a world that has a lack of love, and a world that is rather filled with disappointment. But it's like what the great prophecies say, patience is an art and it is a teacher of sorts. 

This couple shared their very special moment with an audience filled with celebrities and even had Adele involved - and it was worth the wait. They say that when you truly love someone, you won't change them, but rather be patient with them. 

It seems that with this couple it was true, but more than that, their love story resonated with the audience. It's not the first time we have heard of long-term relationships, where one of the people in the relationship is waiting for the next step and the other is on another page. 

But there's a time for everything, and this was the perfect moment. We wanted to remind you of that today; there are seasons for everything in life and when your time comes, it will be the right time for you and yours. 

Happy Tuesday, and remember to always be thankful for what you have because you never know who is looking at what you have and yearning for that in their personal lives. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Instagram):

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