Everything you need to know about Adele's next album

Everything you need to know about Adele's next album

Listen to the snippet of the single 'Easy on Me', which was shared on Tuesday night. 

Adele new album 30

Drake and Kanye West still stand out as artists with memorable album drops this year, but Adele is definitely going to shut it down; her album is currently the most anticipated in the world. There are so many teasers which hint towards the release and we want to share some with you. 

The 33-year-old 'When We Were Young' singer is expected to release her fourth album after a six-year hiatus. 

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Regardless of no direct communication of an album release or a date, fans around the world do feel there definitely is something on the way because of certain hints. The first one is the multiple billboards with the number '30' on them.

Hints we have about the album

The songstress updated her website and social media layouts in the past week, hinting that she’s gearing up for a new era. This happened parallel to the billboard signs spotted across the globe that lit up major landmarks with the number '30'. This was with a similar font used on her social media platforms and her website. 

'30' as an album title is not far-fetched as Adele is famous for naming her albums after her ages—like with 1921, and 25.

Have a look at the different projections: 

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Is there a release date?

There's no official date yet but the clues are everywhere, so eventually we will be able to decipher it.

Nylon shares that it might be a date in November and this is why:

They are suspecting that after September 30th when Taylor Swift announced that she’s moving her own project release from November 19th to November 12th, it might be that she moved it to make space for Adele's album release. 

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What songs are on the album?

The first one is 'Easy on Me', which drops on October 15. Adele posted a clip of the new track, teasing an emotional piano ballad along with moody black-and-white visuals. That means the music video is done, therefore we will be blessed with it as well. 

You can watch it here: 

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The hashtag #Adele30 is already doing the rounds on Twitter and trending. We are honestly as excited as everyone about this album release because we have been parched. Nobody does a ballad like Adele and we need one after the horrific two years we've endured. 

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