Adele's Top 5: Will her new music stand alongside these classics?

Adele's Top 5: Will her new music stand alongside these classics?

Well, this is all rather exciting! Adele is rumoured to be on the verge of releasing new music, but things are still pretty cryptic. To celebrate the potential return of the superstar, we look back at her top five hits which have given us goosebumps in the past.

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We love Adele at East Coast Radio. Her voice is majestic, her lyrics are deep and memorable, and she always carries herself with grace. Basically, she is amazing.

So you can imagine how excited we became when we heard the rumours that Adele would be releasing new music very soon!

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According to the ever-churning rumour mill, after a complete change of the graphics on all of the superstar's social media accounts, billboards with '30' written on them started popping up across the world - with London, New York, and Paris residents the first to notice them.

When people started putting two and two together, the result started to look an awful lot like four, but we will remain cautious and sit on five until we have official confirmation from the avid Tottenham Hotspur supporter herself.

While we wait for official news, let's take a look back at five iconic hits from Adele. If her new material is anything like the songs below, we are in for a serious treat and the perfect pick-me-up after what has been a ROUGH last 18 months.

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Chasing Pavements

This classic from her debut album, '19', was released in 2008. The song was inspired by a six-month relationship Adele had with a boyfriend. We would like to thank her ex for inspiring this masterpiece! 

Rolling In The Deep

As the first single released by Adele from her 2011 album, '21', 'Rolling In The Deep' further cemented her superstar status. Another song inspired by a former lover, it is said that it took Adele and producer Paul Epworth just one afternoon to compose. Talk about talent?! 

Someone Like You

This hauntingly beautiful song is also from the album '21'. Again, the inspiration behind the song is a broken relationship. 'Someone Like You' won Adele the 2012 Grammy Award for 'Best Pop Solo Performance'.

Set Fire To The Rain

The third massive hit to come from '21' was 'Set Fire To The Rain'. According to The Guardian, Adele's inspiration for the song came about when she tried to light a cigarette in the rain...


If you thought Adele had peaked before 2015, you were sadly mistaken with the release of 'Hello' from the album '25'. Arguably Adele's best bit of material, 'Hello' took the world by storm, contributing to wins at the Grammy Awards, Brit Awards, and Billboard Music Awards.

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We are super excited to see what Adele has up her sleeve with '30'! Are you just as excited as we are?

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