"I lost my keys so there was only one thing to do!" - J Sbu

"I lost my keys so there was only one thing to do!" - J Sbu

We all know that sinking feeling...

J Sbu get's locked out leaves keys in hotel

It's happened to the best of us.

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Whether it was during a wild night out or just another trip to the mall, you return home only to find that you have misplaced your house keys.

Did you leave them on a counter? Did you accidentally give it to someone? Were they just straight-up stolen?

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There is no feeling worse than that defeated feeling knowing that even if you did return to the scene where the unfortunate event took place, there is no guarantee that the keys will be where you idly forgot them.

Sometimes luck is on our side and we don't have to replace every single lock and key or wait hours outside our own door.

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But more often than not you are left outside, on your behind, waiting for a friend, family member or landlord with a spare key or a locksmith.

Generally, though, the area where you might have misplaced your keys is not too far and you can at least go and attempt to search for them.

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Unlike J Sbu, who had to make a tough choice this weekend:

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Did he break into his own flat?

Did he drive back to Richards Bay? (There was some time...)

Take a listen to find out what he decided to do next.

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