Ellen DeGeneres announces the end of her talk show

Ellen DeGeneres announces the end of her talk show

After 19 years, 18 seasons, and hundreds of memorable moments, 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' will soon be leaving our television screens forever.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is about to have her last dance.

The legendary talk show host has announced that her talk show will not be returning after its 19th season, making it the final season.

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Although many fans are sad to hear the news, it doesn't come as much of a shock after the show and its host had been facing major backlash after allegations of sexual misconduct and a toxic workplace environment surfaced in the past year.

The show has apparently taken quite a knock in ratings during the last few months after these accusations first came to light and are said to be the real reason the show is coming to a close.

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In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen spoke about her decision to draw the curtain on her show.

In the statement, she says that she had told her employees on the 11th of May, and on the 13th she will be sitting down with fellow talk show host legend Oprah to discuss the news.

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This is not the first time Ellen has mentioned ending the show. She has previously mentioned that her wife Portia de Rossi had encouraged her to move away from the show and pursue other avenues.

When signing her last contract, Warner Bros. had wanted her to sign on for four more years when she had wanted to stop after season 16. They came to an agreement that she would do three more years and now, the time has finally come.

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Having recently celebrated the 3,000th episode and with around 2,400 celebrity interviews under her belt, the question on everyone's lips, including her producers and close inner circle is, "Do you really want this to end?"

But Ellen says she's always known it wouldn't last.

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The show is an institution and it is hard to imagine a world without it.

But like Ellen herself said, 19 years is a really long time. Especially when you're doing the same thing day in and day out.

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She also said that she's not quite sure what she'll be doing next, whether she wants to focus on acting, producing or saving the planet, which are all things she's very passionate about.

Her agent did give her some advice though, which was to maybe just sit still for a while as she tries to figure it out.

Ellen has also now released a video where she breaks the news:

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While there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the show and Ellen herself, there is no doubt that the world of talk shows is saying goodbye to another icon and legend who changed the television landscape forever.

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