Ellen DeGeneres fires three producers

Ellen DeGeneres fires three producers

This news follows after an investigation began into the bullying and intimidation claims made by employees.


The entertainment industry was in shock when several former employees of the show came forward with their experiences with discrimination on the set.

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Ellen, who always claimed that the show is a place of happiness and encourages her audience to "spread joy", has since issued an apology and says she's "so sorry for what this has become".

Now after DeGeneres announced in a video that an internal investigation would be taking place, even more allegations have come to light, including further misconduct and sexual harassment claims.

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Warner Brothers have confirmed that they have chosen to "part ways" with co-executive producer Jonathan Norman and executive producers Ed Gavin and Kevin Leman.

Gavin was accused of leading with intimidation and fear, as well as being accused of inappropriate touching. While former staff also accused Leman and Norman of sexual harassment.

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Leman has responded to the claims denying "any kind of sexual impropriety" and Norman has also denied any allegations made against him. Gavin has yet to publicly respond to any claims made.

At first, DeGeneres distanced herself from the claims of the toxic environment but has since acknowledged the issues and hopes to create a new culture within the show.

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Many celebrities have come to the television show host's defence, including the likes of singer Katy Perry and comedian Kevin Hart. 

However, there have been stars confirming and supporting the allegations made against the programme, with Brad Garrett, from 'Everybody Loves Raymond' fame, among them.

Hopefully Ellen and her staff will be able to return with the show and the positive energy it was built on.

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