A colossal collision of a sloth and child while zip lining

A colossal collision of a sloth and child while zip lining

That sloth became a brick wall when the child had an unforgettable collision.

Sloth and child collide
Sloth and child collide / USA Today

We have all had some epic fails and interesting animal encounters, but this one takes the cake. 

This video, which has gone viral on social media, made us have an “ahh shame” moment of note. 

Watch this colossal collision below: 

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Zip-lining through a rainforest is an experience of a lifetime and we have no doubt that this moment will be an unforgettable moment for this kid.

This incident occurred when a family was visiting the Go.Adventure Arenal Park in Costa Rica.

In the recording, a man guiding the child down the line told him, "No brakes," as they zipped through tree tops. 

The joyride abruptly stopped when the boy crashed into the furry animal.


"It's a sloth!" he said. "I just clocked it straight in the face."

The man told the child not to worry as the sloth moved slowly down the line.

"Do we just wait?" the child asks as the video closes. 

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This sloth is no stranger to joining in on the fun with these adventures.

The park’s owner, Flavio Leiton Ramos, told USA TODAY the sloth and child were not injured and they see the same sloth all the time.

He reported on the upside to the event: "The good thing about it is the child knew how to do the zip line well and knew how to brake. However, this is the first time someone has ever run into a sloth."

We can definitely agree that this was a first.

They might have to start putting up some 'beware of sloth' signs similar to our hilarious animal signs around South Africa.

Splatter zone hilarious sign
Splatter zone hilarious sign / Fotozup

It was an unlucky moment of fate.

Seven people went on the zip-line 30 seconds before the child and weren't disrupted whatsoever.

"It's one of those things that happened that probably will never happen again," Flavio said.  

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