VIRAL: Kind man feeds water to thirssssty snake

VIRAL: Kind man feeds water to thirssssty snake

Faith in humanity and snakes restored...

Snake and kind man viral
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This interaction blew our minds.

A kind and accepting snake? What in the Roald Dahl novel is going on?

Watch this rare exchange below:

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The video above captured a man carefully pouring water from a bottle onto his palm and offering it to the snake.

The snake accepts his offer and gulps the water out of the man's hand with no hesitation.

This uncommon act of kindness did not go unnoticed after it was posted by Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda on Twitter with a caption that read: ”Summer is approaching. Your few drops can save someone’s life. Leave some water in your garden in a container for that can mean a choice between life & death for many animals.”


This slithering serpent has left us with a a new found perspective on snakes. 

Who knew they could be so obedient and also require assistance?

To be fair, many of us in Durban have been like that snake over the past few weeks with the Durban heat. In the jungle and unsheltered heat we would also be "rustig" for water.

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Snake cute meme

So many users have offered their take on this collaboration. 

Many have congratulated the man on his kind gesture while others were debating what kind of snake it is.

Some were discussing the dangerous nature of this act of kindness and how it could've gone wrong in so many ways.

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Maybe snakes are changing and becoming friendlier creatures? 

While we figure it out, don't try this at home.

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