Tin fish controversy: “Wait- am I supposed to clean my fish?!"

Tin fish controversy: “Wait- am I supposed to clean my fish?!"

This unlucky star shares how she started a tin fish controversy 

Juhi tin fish tiktoker
Juhi tin fish tiktoker / supplied

There is something fishy going on in KwaZulu-Natal...

One TikToker, Juhi Sanam Maharaj, went viral for what she believed to be using tinned fish “properly.” How this South African staple should be prepared has been the talk of the town since she sparked this debate via a video on social media. 

Here is the scoop on what went down:

This innovative food-lover went to the beach, cracked open a can of tin fish and makes her famous 'tin fish sandwich'. Much to everyone's surprise, Durbanites were outraged that she did not "wash the fish."

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A puzzled Mike V investigated this bizarre conundrum. Take a listen to the exclusive interview below: 

@juhisanammaharaj Nothing beats a Tin Fish sandwich at the beach! 🌊🤤💯 Except for biryani 😂😱💕 #tinfish #beach #food #foodtok #fish #fishing #fishinglife #fishtok #ocean #sandwich #shore #recipe #portshepstone #portshepstonetiktok #durban #durbantiktok #southcoast ♬ původní zvuk - 🕷️

Juhi explains to Mike V that the province was "mad" that she did not clean or debone that pilchards that was in the tomato sauce. "In my home we don't see a need to re-clean something."  

After much online debate, Juhi decided to go to the sauce….source: ” I contacted the tinned fish manufacturer to let them in on this craze.“

The manufacturer shed light on the fact that the cans of tin fish are prepared to perfection. She shares, "everything in the can is put there intentionally and has a nutritional benefit."

With just under a million views on this local video, the social media storm has been swirling around this KZN foodie. “It’s my first time in the spotlight and it hit me by surprise. I am coping just fine. When you step into the spotlight you need to have a thick skin cause with the good comes the bad,” Juhi shares.

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Juhi, along with our East Coast Radio jock, are in disbelief that "more than 50% of KZN clean their tin fish." 

Juhi tin fish 2
Juhi tin fish 2/ supplied

At the end of this investigation into the tinned fish controversy, we find that it's all about preference. Many online users may have jumped on the bandwagon that cleaning the fish is the right way, many of our East Coasters call this a "crime."

Stay tuned for more on this developing story. We will bring you the latest catch of the day at East Coast Radio

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