“I’ve wanted to work with him my whole life,” Martin Garrix and Lloyiso with Mike V

“I’ve wanted to work with him my whole life,” Martin Garrix and Lloyiso with Mike V

Martin Garrix and Lloyiso share their collaboration...

mike v, martin garrix, lloyiso: "Real Love"
Mike V, Martin Garrix and Lloyiso: "Real Love"/ supplied

When two powerhouses combine, magic is bound to happen. South African superstar Lloyiso has teamed up with international sensation, Martin Garrix, on a new track and we feel 'Real Love' for it. 

Garrix first heard Lloyiso while browsing social media, and was instantly drawn to his incredible voice. After a few DM exchanges, plans were made, and the final product was recorded in New York City. 

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“This is a serious version of success for us, as South Africans,” says Lloyiso. “I’ve dreamed of working with Martin Garrix for my whole life.” The feeling is mutual, because Garrix claims that he was honoured when Lloyiso wanted to work with him. 

In an exclusive chat with Mike V, Martin Garrix reveals how some of the happiest memories of his whole life happened while in South Africa, and his deep desire to return. Lloyiso also explains how he would emulate some of Garrix’s concert performances in his childhood bedroom. 

Mike V also inspired the idea of incorporating Lloyiso’s home language, isiXhosa, into a future collaboration, which inspired a surprising response from Garrix. 

Maybe we can see this surreal vision come to life?

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