Port Shepstone TikToker confused about people washing 'Tin Fish'

Port Shepstone TikToker confused about people washing 'Tin Fish'

"Why are we cleaning Tin Fish? There'll be nothing left to put in the sandwich?"

A woman with an open can of Lucky Star Tin Fish
A woman with an open can of Lucky Star Tin Fish/TikTok Screenshot/@juhisanammaharaj

A Port Shepstone lifestyle TikToker recently asked Durbanites why they are cleaning 'Tin Fish'. 

Now, if you don't already know, 'Tin Fish' is canned sardines that are a popular delicacy for most people in South Africa. 

However, not everyone might agree and call it a 'delicacy'. You see 'Tin Fish' is a simple and humble meal, something that people migrate towards because it is easy on the pocket and can feed the whole family. 

Eaten hot or cold, 'Tin Fish' is something that many people enjoy making in their homes. 

One TikToker, Juhi Sanam Maharaj, caused somewhat of a stir on TikTok recently when she made a video making 'Tin Fish' sandwiches at the beach.

People came to the comments questioning her actions, mainly asking her why she didn't wash the tinned fish...

Watch the video in question, courtesy of TikTok:

@juhisanammaharaj Nothing beats a Tin Fish sandwich at the beach! 🌊🤤💯 Except for biryani 😂😱💕 #tinfish #beach #food #foodtok #fish #fishing #fishinglife #fishtok #ocean #sandwich #shore #recipe #portshepstone #portshepstonetiktok #durban #durbantiktok #southcoast ♬ původní zvuk - 🕷️

People were all over the comments, so, she made a video answering people. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@juhisanammaharaj Replying to @user6979306862610 I AM CONFUSED 🤔 why are we cleaning Tin Fish? There'll be nothing left to put in the sandwich man 😅 #tinfish #fish #fishtok #fishing #food #foodtok #portshepstone #portshepstonetiktok #durban #durbantiktok #southcoast #reply #replytocomments #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound - JUHI SANAM MAHARAJ🌙

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Juhi caused a stir but she humbly admitted that she did find scales on the fish. 

We guess, when it comes to the TikTok Food Police, it's always good to investigate before claiming one way is better than another. 

And since there's no way that South Africans are going to stop with this local favourite, it's good to share prep ideas. We love the way Juhi approaches lifestyle content, especially the way she approaches her food preferences and respects everyone's opinions. 

Watch how she handled the #TinFishGate scandal. Courtesy of TikTok

@juhisanammaharaj I enjoyed engaging with you guys on this topic 😌👏 It's always nice to see different opinions and preferences even if they differ from my own 🥰 But always remember to be respectful and mindful when engaging on such a public platform 🙏 We are all here to learn and enjoy and share our experiences 🥰🩷 #tinfish #tinfishtok #fish #fishing #fishinglife #fishtok #reply #replytocomments #tiktok #socialmedia #portshepstone #portshepstonetiktok #durban #durbantiktok #southcoast ♬ VLOG Dramatic Calming BGM(1390605) - SKUNK
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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