POLL: The only way to spell biryani is...

POLL: The only way to spell biryani is...

Weigh in on this culinary confusion...

Breyani dish
Breyani dish/ canva

Durbanites, this topic should come as no surprise to you. 

Our city is known for our delicious Indian cuisine and diverse culture. One of our delicacies include the tasty goodness that is briyani. 

This begs the question...

Is there really a right way to spell biriyani? If so, who gets to decide? Share your take with us below: 

This type of cuisine generally brings people together. It is eaten on various occasions such as family dinners, weddings, and cultural days. 

Although, it has become an everyday meal for people around KZN.

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What is breyani?

A world-renowned Indian dish, biriyani, is a mixed rice dish that includes various vegetables and types of meat. The dish's origins are a subject of ongoing debate, with many acknowledging its roots in Persia as a simple rice-and-meat creation before making its way to India. 

Briyani meme
Ooolala/ Pinterest


Have you noticed that we've been spelling biryani different every time? 

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Stay tuned for more as we bring you the final verdict on this spelling conundrum.

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