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When your kid's curiosity gets the better of you

What important parenting moments have you gone through and thought, "gosh, what did I say?".

Parenting mistakes

This parenting thing is amazing. Watching something you created grow up is such a surreal experience. When I look at my kids, some days I sit there and go, "WOW, did I really bring such incredible characters into the world?!"

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However, when these little ones grow and start becoming inquisitive, then the difficulty begins. Sometimes I have absolutely no idea how to answer the questions they throw at me. 

Just the other day, Lula had me gobsmacked! Really, I fumbled, I pondered, but yikes I was not ready for her question!

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Listen to one of the most awkward conversations of my life:

Really, did my little girl just ask me how skin is made?! Also, I pretty much messed that up...

When I think of my parents as they raised me, I don't think it could have been this complicated? I mean, all they had to say was, 'babies arrive on a stork' and we fell for this hook, line, and sinker. 

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With all this technology, it's difficult to hoodwink them and on most days they seem to know more than us. My Lula, may your curiosity keep growing my darling!

All said and done, I know I'm not the only one that is at a loss for words when it comes to some of the questions our kids have. 

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Let me know your parenting stories below.

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