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Dad's epic reflexes save baby from falling

This video will make your jaw drop! Someone give that dad a medal!

dad reflex of the year
Image: YouTube / ViralHog

It's said that when you become a parent, your body is always ready to jump into superhero mode whenever you feel or see that your child is in imminent physical danger. For fathers, this is known as the 'dad reflex'.

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While posing for a picture with his daughter at Yosemite National Park, things almost took a turn for the worse when the little girl took a step back only to trip on the short edge of a walk way. 

In a split-second, the 'dad reflexes' kicked in, and without thinking or looking, he grabs his daughter's arm and saves her from falling!

This man deserves the 'Dad of the Year' award for that super save!

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