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Father and son recreate the most awkward baby bath picture

Cute or creepy? Tell us what you think of this father and son photo. 


Take a listen as Damon asks if baby bath pictures are acceptable or not in the podcast and read more below: 


Is this completely acceptable or just absolutely awkward.

A father and son have tried to recreate a photograph that was taken of them when the father was a new Dad and his son was obviously just a small baby.

It's been taken in the bath ... and back then when the first pic was taken - it's really sweet.

However.... now that it's been re-photographed when they're both older... it's causing absolute mayhem.

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Over 70 000 shares and some 20 000 comments later, it's probably fair to say the photo won't be to everyone's taste, and as much as many people thought it was funny, there were plenty of people who were a little perplexed. 

Are you shocked at this pic or is it acceptable?

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