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Here's one thing you can always rely on your kids for...

No matter how mad parents get with their kids, there's one thing that they can count on and that's brutal honesty.

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I love how pure, honest, and unconditional kids are. They tell it how it is, straight punches always. 

It reminds me of how my daughter once rolled down the car window sometime back. She must have just turned four, and gave the man at the robot her leftover school lunch and then asked him if he would like to come to our house for a sleepover as our beds are warm and we have food. Cute, right?

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My heart was so touched by her love, empathy, and honesty, but then, of course, I kicked into lioness mode as he looked like he could very easily take her up on her offer. 

She was confused as we drove away, as I always tell my kids that you have to be kind to those around you and to give without expecting anything in return. 

Being a parent is hard work and sometimes you have those days where you don't seem able to connect and understand your kids and their behaviour. But if there's one thing that I can be certain of, it's that my kids will always be brutally honest - even in the most awkward situations. 

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Here are some cringeworthy moments where kids have been a bit too honest...

Okay, so with regards to my daughter, this example is the warm and fuzzy side of the honesty spectrum, but as all parents know (and as seen in the Tweets above), there are those times where they swear like a trooper in the highest brow company or drop a comment about someone's size - and even worse, loud questions about someone's disability or deformity.

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Parents: What have been some the most honest things you’ve heard your kids say to you or to anyone else?

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